Iphone 6SE Release (Launch) Date

by jasss July 29, 2016 at 5:11 pm

Iphone 6SE Release Launch Date:-  The new iphone Announced by Apple officials is Iphone 6SE. The iphone 6SE will be highly upgraded with new features and looks. Apple had worked hard to make new changes.There is no clear evidence that only one iphone will be released or two becouse previously two iphones were launched.so it is still not clear that iphone 6SE and 7 plus would be released of only iphone 6SE will be presented in market,since  the cupertino,california based tech giant releases new IOS just before the launch of next generation phone. It is anticipated that the New iphone,iphone 6SE gonna feature latest operating system,wtih plenty of new interesting features,new UI,smarter Siri,ultrafast processor and improved camera with new features.


Iphone 6SE Release (Launch) Date


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The iPhone 6SE would run on iOS 9.4 or iOS 10 at least with 3D Touch, Touch ID and some great features which were not available on iPhone 5. You shouldn’t surprised if Apple release iPhone 6SE with the name of iPhone 5SE because this new device would have 4-inch screen size. According to rumors, iPhone 6SE would be powered with A9 Chip which is developed by Apple and it would be cheap in price comparing to iPhone 6, iPhone 6S. So, if you were waiting for 4 inch iPhone 7, you’re just about to see the clone of iPhone 7 with iPhone 6SE or iPhone 5SE. Many tech experts believe that this new iPhone 6SE would get super rock success and the sale would touch the sky.


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Iphone 6SE is Releasing on



Iphone has the trend of releasing their products in the month of September.Since the year 2013 Apple is releasing their new iphones in September starting days. Iphone 5c and 5s were released on 13th of september 2013.Iphone 6 and 6 plus were released on 9th september 2014. Iphone 6s and 6s plus were released on 9th september 2015.so  keeping in mind the same trend of releasing date of iphones we are expecting that iphone 6SE will be released in month of september.

Iphone 6SE might launch between the 6th to 13th of September. Globally the new phones are released worldwidely till the end of the month of september. The apple company is expecting abundant sale of their new iphone just after the releasing day ,till few first months after launching. Firstly it will be released in the US then it will be sold world widely.Apple will get lots of registration just on the releasing date.

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