Yeh Hai Mohabbatein {YHM} 7th August 2016 Episode Written Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein {YHM} 7th August 2016 Episode Written Update: SO this episode start with Shagun went to Pihu .. Pihu asked her why did she do that .. and Shagun replied to her she dosnt do any thing this all done by her ishi maa she want us to separate thats y ishita doing all this .. Shagun said when i get married to Mani i have to go . and i cant live without u ..Pihu said i also want to be with u .. Shagun said that no one will allow u to go with me . everyone want to separate us both, even Raman also listens to Ishita .

Pihu said i always want to be with uh .. then Shagun said that this can be possible if u do what i say to uh… u  just run away from here and come to my home . then only u can stay with me .. Shagun give her money and give her address of her home and tell her to take a taxi and come to my home .. and promise me o dont say this to anyone .. pihu says ok i promise.. Shagun said when i go with Mani to court u will not come with me .. ok . she hugs Pihu . Pihu said i love u and goes back to his room to pack his bag..

Shagun then said its only n only bcoz of uh Ishita i have to paly with emotions of my daughter .. but i promise that i wont anyone to come in between me and Pihu .. bcoc pihu is mine and always be mine ,, i will not let u to ruin my life ishita ..

then Raman come home from his offce and asks Neelu for d water . he is very much angry and shouts loudly .. then Mrs Bhalla laughs hardly after seeing the hairs of Raman .. Mihika then asked him where his hair has gone.. he say i went to a guy for trimming he cut more than that ,, and why u all having problem with this  .. my face is good and look  better then u ol here ok,,,

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein {YHM} 7th August 2016  Episode Written Update

he then went to his room recalls the words of Pihu ,, Ishita come to Raman and say sorry to him .. my decision is wrong i know that this will hurt both Pihu and Shagun .. u pls tell should i let pihu go .. u know na ruhi is right if Pihu will go without knowing the truth the problems will increase day by day  .. it must be a big problem but we have to tell her truth .. maybe my decision is wrong u thinking so .. but Raman ….. he then apolozises to her .. maybe i felt emtnl n ill from heart and ask shagun to take pihu with her.. ya thats also true Shagun has gave 7 years of life for pihu care ..and i dont want to separate .. them .. then Ishita says that i understand .. raman dont u feel guilt for this ..i took that decision but i am scared yr ,, Raman said i am sure pihu will understand .. everything will be ok //..

now its morning Ishita with a bed tea came to Shagun and ask her to wake up .. she felt alpogy to her and said Shagun this is right only if we avoid the complications .. then Shagun i am also sorry  for that ..  i was became selfish at that time ruhu was right , she accept u as her real mom and that also good for everyone … Ishita said to Shagun that but u always be pihu’s mom .. so today is ur day u have to look beautiful becoz today is ur marriage and u are the bride .. so get ready  .. i will go and ask everyone to get up ready as soon .. Shagun then thanks to Ishita for ol dis .. Ishita then replies i wish if i could do more than this for uh .. and she goes ..

Shagun smiles and said that u all enoy as this to have fun now .. you dont even what will going to happen after marriage ….

then Aaliya is in sad mood as the rangoli made by her is noy looking good .. she asks is anyone to help me , then Adi and Amma came .. Amma says to Aaliya i will help u .. and teach u how to make rangoli .. Aaliya thanks her for this ,, Amma then say thanks to Adi ,, for let her come here ..Mani saw Amma and siad her not to do all this .. Amma relpied that it is a marriage house should look awesome .. Amma said mani that is she angry with ishita as she will not allow Pihuu to go with Shagun … then mani how can  i be angry with Ishita ,, both Ishita and Shagun are right on their sides .. i will only pray that dis will not affect Pihu badly.. Aaliya then said adi that she tried very much to welcome Shagun .. but she is going nervous very much ,,, then Adi saud dont u worry mumma is very cool types .. aaliya says maariage doesnt link two hearts but also links two families ,, and i am sure Shagun also thinks about this how to get adjust her to this new house ..continue..Yeh Hai Mohabbatein YHM 7th August 2016 Episode Written Update.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein {YHM} Today Episode Full Written Update

And on other side Raman and Mr Bhalla both are busy in arrangements of marriage .. as ishita came and aks for sweets therev,, then shagun come there .. and saw that everyone is bsy in doing their work .. and then pihu has came with a sad face .. Shagun saw to her and smiled .. and ask Ishita to gave pihu breakfst .. // then ishita come with brkfst for pihu but she rejects to eat that .. then Shagun ask Pihu does you dont have manners .. for how to respct food .. ishita has given u brkfst with tht much lovve and u ar nt eating that .. Then Pihu eat that breakfast for d sake of Shagun,, then shagun smiled.. then Ishita thanks to her ..continuing Yeh Hai Mohabbatein YHM 7th August 2016 Episode Written Update

Ishita is now showing her bangles to Mihika .. and ask her to wear that ,, then Mihika said that y u dont ready till noe ,, she said i will get ready soon .. Mihika said to ishita why did you seem worry .. Mshita siad that i am worried today pihu eat’s her breakfast when Shagun says to her .. hpw will do in future if Shagun is nt here .. this cause problem .. ishita said that i think we have to spend some time pihu .. we will for a trip ,, for somedays.. Mihika says  i kike ur idea and pihu also take very much interest in going for holidays .. Ishita said  i will arrange then a trip for her …

Mr amd Mrss Bhalla havung talk with each other .. Bhalla said that mani will reached to court there .. we will have to leave soon .. then Ruhi said ok im also ready … Mrs Bhalla then said that where is bride ,, mihika gets shagun . and she is looking very beautiful .. and like a moon Mrs Bhalla said that .. and Mani is ver very lucky man to have Shagun in his life .. then Shagun came and says that where is pihu .. ruhi says to shagun that pihu has not want to go to court .. shagun smiles inside ,, that Pihu is doing as per d plan i love u mera bacha .. pihu .. theen she say s to mrs bhalla dont to force pihu .. for going to court no problms is there i will meet her after marriage .. then raman get ready and ask ishita to get ready fast as this marriage if of Shagun not ours .. then ishita says raman about that trip that she planned to take out pihu with them for someday to spend time together ..,,, then when shagun leaving she said sorry if i done anything wrong or make any mistake .. to  Mrs bhalla replied that u are like my daughter so dont be sry i will never forget uh ..and in next episode Ishita has found the anils letter and get shocked while reading that ,,,

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