Yeh Hai Mohabbatein {YHM} 13th August 2016 Episode| Written Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein YHM 13th August 2016 Episode Written Update: Episode starts when Adii says Raman that he will talk to Pihu and pihu will definately understand ..mrs bhalla getting worried by seeing on ishitaa face, Ishita saying i am bad mom i had evrything wrong for pihu .. and ruhi then see her crying and ask her to stop crying i will talk to pihu and she went to pihu for some talk .
then at mani’s house shagun has made ssouth indian food and Aaliya compliments Shagun for this beautiful food .. and mani came there he after seeing this said that its now difficult for me to go to office after seeing this delecious food so i think i should call mihir too for lunch today .. Aaliya smiles and said that i will call mihir ..

then doctor checkimg pihu and said that she is mentally stressed thts why this happened to her .. doctor said them i am sure there is nothing like that u gouys doing something that pihu dont like .. and then ruhi thinks of injury on pihu feet that how she threw the class and by running on that broken glass she got he injury // then doctor said take care of her and give her medcine on timee tooo ..
then Ishita start crying in her room and saying how bad i am .. and selfish too that for my happiness i am stopping pihu happiness i will not let this happen and i will call Shagun to come right now ..ishita took her phone and raman came there and take her phone and said her that are u gone mad what was happening you .. there is onlu one best mom in this worls for my children is u , so pls dnt think any one else .. if ever a child went on a wrong path we parents are there to take them to right path so how could u be so helpless .. and ishita says sorry //

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein {YHM} 13th August 2016 Episode Wu

then cam ethere and said ishita that these are the medcines for pihu .. pls check them then i gave them to pihu .. ishita sadi yess these all are good .. and raman go out from there .. ishita ask adi then beta u r my son na pls do me a favour plss . go to shagun home and ask her to come here fast .. plss // adi replied u know na papa dont like it and i will not do this .. and ishita then said u not seeing ur sis how she is crying for shagun plss go .. and adi left for shaguns house ‘

shagun thinkks she should call raman to send pihu to home as she likes south indian very much .. and she called raman ..
raman is on call ready he see that there is call from shagun and he thinks wat he would tell if shagun ask me about pihu .. and he attends that call .. and shagun said that she is missing pihu and can she take her from school to her home for lunch today as she likes south indian food .. then raman said no this cant be possible today because we already to go to out for lunch today so sry. and he cuts call

then pihu opened her eyes and mrss bhalla ask to bring a cup of milk for my daughter pihu .. fast ..
then in manis house aaliya get ready for lunch as she knows mihir is coming for lunch.. and she thinks y she should be worry for mihir likeness … and then she came o table where mihir ,shagun and mani are sitting .. shagun and mani compliments her for her dress … that she is lookinh beautiful and lovely .. and mhihir then look up and smiles // aaliya thinks y mihir has not complimnented me .. and worries ,, y i am thinking that he should compliment me .. wt was happening to me .. then door rings and mani ask aaliya to open d dor . adi camed there and ask shagun to come with me pihu is missing her .. and shagun thinks if pihu is in home then y raman has lied to me …

there in bhalla’s house ishita came to see pihu and pihu shouted on her to pls get out.. we all dont need you .. u r bad .. plss go .. and shagun came there and ask pihu to stop this is not d way to talk to ishita behave .. then pihu hug shagun and said her not to go pls now … she replied i will not go . promise

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein {YHM} 13th August 2016 Episode Written Update

ishita cries and said i am a very bad woman .. pihu dont likes me she thinks i had done this wrong to her .. ishita says to shagun i am here ouside if u need anything for pihu plss ask me .. then pihu replied u dont need to tell my mom shagun to wat to do shw knows very well u plss go out form here ,, and ishita cries .. then raman holds ishita hand ask her to come lets go outside .. then shagun went to both of them i will talk to pihu dont b worried she will be alright ,, sry on behalf of her plss…
and raman take ishita form there …
Raman make joke on ishita to make her smile he says that he is a astrologer and he knew that right time will start soon .. and ishita replied it means u also ad seen that u r wife is too bad that she dont care about their childrens .. then raman said y u think so .. i want that my childrens want love from her mother is d love that u only gave them no one can else so plss.. dont ever think so .. and says sorry sorry and hugs him …

in next episode Ruhi saying Pihu that there is a time when i dont like ishi maa but she loved me alot same is that case she is use to love you alot .. and then pihu said she would be an angel for u but she is a witch for me .. i dont like her she is not my mom , shagun is my mumma …

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