Dharma Durai 1st {first} day (Friday) Box office Collection

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Dharma Durai 1st first day Friday Box office Collection; Prior to the release of Dharma Durai, fans and movie buffs were excited about the project as Tamannaah was being paired with Vijay for the first time and since it had an impressive cast of talented performers..Director Seenu Ramasamy is quite skilled at providing a raw flavour of reality with his ventures. Does Dharmadurai fall under the same hood? Does it sketch up well enough to be considered another memorable film from the combo of Vijay Sethupathi-Seenu Ramasamy? Read on to find out …
The film opens with Dharma Durai an alcoholic who is a constant pain in the necks of his brothers played by Arul Dass, Soundarraja and another actor with only his mother (Radhika Sarathkumar) showering love on him. He is often beaten up and locked in the motor room. When Dharman goes about telling the villagers that his brothers are going to cheat them of their hard earned money they decide to finish him off and call on their uncle E. Ramadoss a retired constable for the job.

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Dharma Durai 1st {first} day Box office Collection

Radhika manages to sneak in a blade with which he escapes but unknowingly carries the chit money with him in the bag. He goes straight to the medical college he studied and in the first of two flashbacks we get to know the friendship he had with Stella (Shrusti Dange) and Subashini (Tamannaah) with the former loving him openly and the latter hiding it. The first flash back ends with the college studies getting over even as the brothers are nearing him. Then Dharma goes in search of Stella where there is a shock awaiting him and later
The cast is perfect. Vijay Sethupathi excels as Dharmadurai and his performance is natural. Radhika Sarathkumar proves the fact that you give her any role with enough substance and she will light up the screen with her fine performance. Her scenes gather claps on many occasions. Tamannaah is sincere in her portrayal of her role. The supporting cast of Aishwarya Rajesh, Srushti Dange, Ganja Karuppu, Rajesh and MS Bhaskar deliver it right.

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Dharma Durai Friday Box office Collection

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Dharma Durai 1st day Box office Collection: 4.8  crore in india


The visuals paint a beautiful picture of the rural life. If you are someone who misses the lush green scenery and serenity of a village, Sukumar’s work will surely make you feel nostalgic. The aerial shots of Vaigai Dam stand out and are smartly used in a rural backdrop. Yuvan’s music is apt and a few songs are hum-worthy, especially Andipatti.

Although the editing lacks crispiness at places, it does not seem like a crying issue. The plot loses its strong grip here and there but in no way does it lose its way. The movie unfurls itself at a slow pace but it is steady and justified. Barring a few scratches, like the few out of place lip-synchronisation issues, the director delivers a neat work. He has ensured enough attention is paid to the requisites of film making and has delivered a product that is bittersweet, just like our very own life.Stay connected for more updates.

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