5 Rules of English speaking

by jasss September 21, 2016 at 5:29 pm

Hello friends… here we are back with the some secrets by which you can make yourself master in English grammar. In the English when you speak, we are sure you don’t bother about your grammar mistakes. You may think that’s not a big deal but it affects a lot in your communication skills. In daily life from schools to offices if you are good speaker you can make your way to success. In you are weak in English speaking it will take time for you to understand the rules of English speaking but it is not impossible and we are here providing you some tips by which you can improve your speaking skills in the quickest way.


5 Rules of English speaking


  1. Focus: It is very important part in learning and general world. It is about describing a particular item, you can speak about a particular thing and as you talk about only about that particular thing it forces your mind to get bit more creative and learn more interesting words and phrases and this will make you a master in grammar.


  1. Tenses: Mostly people to mistakes in the tenses so you have to start working on it form now. Tenses tell us about the time of action in which it is done. This may be done in Past, Present, Future respectively we are having three tenses Past Tense, Present Tense and Future Tense. You must have good knowledge of verb forms as it is used according to the tenses rules. But in speaking we don’t use typical tenses some of them are omitted in speaking.


  1. Use of Pronoun: If you have little knowledge about the structure in case of simple type we start it with subject in which we use I, He, She, They and for object pronouns we use Me, Him, Her, Them. This is very important point that you have you remember while speaking English.


  1. Voice: If we talk about the parts of the speech voice is one of the most important one. There are two types of voice Active voice and Passive Voice. In active voice the subject performs the action of the verb and the direct object is the recipient where as in passive voice the object of the action function as the sentence subject and the main verb phase includes the verb to be in past participle.


  1. Prepositions: In your schools days you have studied about the prepositions which are used build a relationship between object and its surroundings. One thing you should keep in mind prepositions is always followed by the object of the sentence.

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So we hope all these things you will keep in your mind and take your English speaking to a higher level with better grammar. If you want make yourself fluent try to talk with native English speakers. We hope you like our article this time also comment and share it on social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and Reddit with your friends, family members and relatives so they will also improve their speaking skills.

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