Yeh Hai Mohabbatein {YHM} Sunday Episode |14th August 2016 Written update (wu)

by jasss November 11, 2016 at 4:26 pm

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein YHM Sunday Episode 14th August 2016 Written update wu; So the episodes start when  Aaliya says that Appa and Shagun didnot spend time ever together .. now they are staying alone . then mihir said dont u think that we should gave them some little time alone for them ..then aaliya said i had done all d preperations for them there must be romance between them to make them closer .then mhihir said wahts that then they both start decorating for them .. and while decorating aaliya see to mihir and smilles .. while seeing to him her dupatta catches fire ,, and mihir seen that and run to her pull her dupatta and threw it /// aaliya cries in fear and hugs mihir then ..

Mihir asks Saliya are u fine .. and aaliya siad that ya i m fine .. mihir then said relax everything is now alright dont be worry and i am sorry i dont want to do that then aaliya said dont be sorry its jus help u did it to me .. then mihir said u lost ur red dupatta u looks beautuful in that ..


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein {YHM} 14th August 2016 Written update (wu)

Then aaliya smiles and said to mhir that this means u noticing me .. and then mihir said bottle of champagne is missing now .. then he calls someone ask for champagne to him then they said sir there is one champagne left it has been ordered then mihir said i need it for special occasion .. give me that customers number  i will call to him .. and that number is of romi .. then mihir said this means that mihika and romis has planned for something and i will not dsturb them .. so i will go and take it from some other shop .

Then Ruhi start saying pihu a story .. she said to pihu that a girl with name ruhi  living in building .. and there come a auntie of name ishita iyer to stay with them in the building .. she loved me more than my mom .. by seeing this true love she then came like an angel to my life and my life has changed and she became my ishi maa .. then pihu said she is an angel for uh in ur story but she is like a wick in my story // she is bad .// ahe is not my mumma .. my mumma is shagun ..(Yeh Hai Mohabbatein YHM Sunday Episode 14th August 2016 Written update wu)

Ruhii then goes to their mom dad .. raman and ishi maa .. and ask them to do something she dont want to listen . then ishita said y u  dont slept yet .. and ruhi said she dont want ti hear anything for ishita .. and ask that i have been very bad to u .. bt now i am not feeling gud seeing it happening with u .. ishita maa u r the real mum .. and u can won d heart of pihu plss go and let her know the truth …

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Then Shagun and mani has came to home they see the decorations for both of them .. aaliya said that this all decorations done by mihir fr u both to feel special .. and shagun said today i had a long long day and i am tired and want to sleep .. so .. then aaliya siad ur ac in room is not working so plss.. then mani and shagun went to decorated room and mani ask her to pls if they decorated too much then y shoulld we …

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein {YHM} Sunday Episode WU

and shgaun thinks that she want both aalliya and  mani  and she had to do .. mani holds her hand ask her to dance .. ther daced .. and shagun start seeing raman in mani and mani get closer to her .. she with a jerk get away form him and said him that i am sry i am ready for this .. pls sry .. and mani said i understand ,, dnt be sry i am sry .. fr that ..


Shagun start crying and said why i am not with raman now and y ishita has camed in between us .. i had tied up his family from since 7 years and y raman has not seen that // ishita has came in between us and he loves her more than that y .. shagun say i am his first wife .. he has to love me .. then sshagun said if ishita has made me cry now i made ishita cry and pihu will supprt me for this .. and i am not going to leave ishita for this ..

Raman comes to his room and ask ihita wat is this .. then ishita said that shagun is not here and she need cares now and trust a genuine person to whom she can trust .. that i think i u raman // then raman said wat i .. ?

Then ishita said raman that u can only here who can play double role .. of both mumma and papa .. then raman replies ok done this is the better way to bring you both close ,, then raman said ruhi is right this is the best way to bring her closer to uh .. and she will start loving her ishi maa too very soon and he smiles ..

 so in next episode ishita thanking raman as she felt that raman will not agree to do this and raman asked why did u think that i will not agree .. and ishita say go and get ready pihu as her mumma do .. because as u say earlier u are a man ,, thats y and then raman said even a raavan can make even sita maiyaa for uh dear .. .Stay connected for more updates.


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