Vj bani Out of Bigg Boss 10 ? Vj Bani Kicked Lopa Mudra

by jasss January 13, 2017 at 12:40 pm

Vj bani Out of Bigg Boss 10 Vj Bani Kicked Lopa Mudra ; see video Vj bani lost her temper kicked, pushed hard lopamudra. See how bigg boss reacted to it. Will bani be kicked out of the show in being physical in show. Or will she be in the show because of her fan following. We will brief you with all the incident. What and why happened. Bigg boss has given a task named call center. In which to teams were divided. Lopamudra and vj bani were in opposite teams. on first day of task vj bani was customer and lopamudra is doing call center job .The aim of task is to put those kind of questions such that results in that your opponent should putt down the phone. vj bani kicked lopamudra raut video

Vj bani Out of Bigg Boss 10 vj bani kicked lopamudra

vj bani kicked lopa mudra

When vj bani called lopamudra she asked really personal questions and used very rough language. On the next day as shown in the recap on 12th january 2017. It was shown that On 2nd day of task the roles were exchanged of teams. Now lopa mudra called vj bani and started tooking revenge of her insult. Lopa mudra said too bani on phone that you always use the topic of your mother said by swami om. Earlier swami om said to vj bani that your mother will die. lopa took this point and told her that you always use this topic to gain attention and sympathy. see now vj bani fight with lopamudra video

vj bani kicked fight Lopamudra raut video

See video:


Suddenly bani throwed phone down and walked towards lopa both were in anger. Then vj bani kicked lopa mudra and pushed her badly and also hurt her. Vj bani is frustrated by not going to final week of bigg boss 10. She is completely mad. Earlier on last sunday she talked rudely to salman. She is getting in air becouse of her fan loves. But she dont know that air has passed . Time to ground to earth. Throughout the show she is boring and fans are disappointing by her. In bigg boss 10 she only lost her fans not gained. vj bani out og bigg boss 10.

Vj bani Out of Bigg Boss 10 Vj Bani Kicked Lopa Mudra

After this incident it is quiet clear that it is against rules and bani need to be ruled out of show. But becouse she has lots of fan following. So she might get a soft corner. After all this is a show. And the producers will like to earn. So maybe she gets away with this. But she do not deserves to be in the show. She need to be thrown out of the show. She is wasting time of the audience. So lets see at happens. This was all about fight between lopa and bani. Hope you likd the post. DO comment what are your views about this incident. 

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