Swami Om Viral interview Claims Slapped Salman khan Full video

by jasss July 4, 2017 at 11:05 am

Swami Om Viral interview Claims Slapped Salman khan Full video ;  Swami om is now getting trending on youtube and other social networking sites. He is regularly giving interviews on various news channels and talking against Salaman khan and bigg boss. In an interview he said that he was kidnapped by bigg boss and forced to participate in the the show. Swami om said he was threatened to death by bigg boss and salman khan. He is completely gone out of mind . Talking about past of Swami om , he came into media in year 2015 . When he came to a tv show in favour of Radhe maa. On that show he abused a woman .

Than women slapped swami om and he slapped back. From their his media life started all these were stunts of swami om to get in notice of people. He is just trying to be in trending and to become a best villain. he is trying his best to get a role in any tv show.

Swami Om Claims he Slapped Salman khan Full video 


We will show you the all videos of swami om and his interviews. In his last interview he claimed that when on new year salman khan came to bigg boss house swami om slapped salman khan badly.  He told that salman khan was smoking room. Swami suggested him to go in smoking room for smoking. Then salman went their and called swami om inside their and swami om slapped him and dragged outside the smoking room . All these bull shits were told by swami om on interview. No body knows that how can swami om be stopped.

He is targeting the Celebrities to get fame. So lets see what swami om comes with in future. For us he is already the biggest villain. Hope you enjoyed this video Swami Om Viral interview Claims Slapped Salman khan Full video . We will keep updating you with more swami om videos. Give your comments down for Swami om.

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