Fake ads Publisher Network with Complaint Proof

by jasss July 6, 2017 at 6:40 pm Fake ads Publisher Network with Complaint Proof; Hello friends today we are going to share with you about the fake ad network On google you will find a lot of adnetworks. But from all these many are spams and Fake and will waste your time and traffic. One of them is . We have got many complaint and negative reviews from people about and now we are updating this article to prevent you all from got cheated by People and users have complained that media in beginning gives good daily earning and attracts the user.

But when the Payment day comes they will block your account , without any single warning or text. Your account will be removed. Either you will not able to signin to your Publisher account or if you gets signed in your will be show that Account Is blocked. And all your revenue generated will be deleted. All your time and traffic gets wasted on Mediavenus.  We have Proof of this fake ad network and A user who got cheated by them.

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This is the proof of the that they cheated the user. The user was having Balance of 220$ and they removed all the balancewhen the payment day came. They Blocked the user and Showed this that ” Your Account is Blocked‘. Now no option is Available for user to get his Revenue. This is how the Ad network is cheating the innocent Publishers. So be aware about this ad network and We strongly recommend all of you to not Use this ad network and Mark as Spam and it should be removed from google also. Thanks for reading and Share it with your Friends on Social Networking Sites.

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