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Car Donation Service in Arizona - Donate Car in Arizona Random 

Car Donation Service in Arizona – Donate Car in Arizona

Car Donation Service in Arizona (AZ)

Donating a car, SUV, motorhome, boat on a trailer, moped, motorcycle or other vehicle to charity in the United States’ 48th state, Arizona, is quick and easy. AZ is one of the Four Corners states, known for the spectacular Grand Canyon National Park among other national forests, parks and monuments. Charitable car donation in Arizona starts with you choosing from our list of reputable national and local charities. Once you choose the organization you want to donate to, you can fill out basic information about your vehicle and where you want it to be picked up. From there, it’s as easy as transferring your vehicle’s title and receiving your tax receipt in the mail for your charitable contribution. 

Car Donation Wizard is partnered with amazing organizations like Car Talk, the U.S. Fund for UNICEF, ASPCA, and many more. Whether you want your car donation to go towards supporting unique and entertaining public radio, helping feed children in need across the world, or raising awareness for animal adoption, we have a charity for you. The most important reason to donate through Car Donation Wizard partners only with organizations who put your donations to good use. Where some other car donation programs give 10-20% net back to the charity, Car Donation Wizard returns 80% of the net back to the charity. We get the most from every vehicle, benefiting your charity and your taxes. 

Arizona residents know that preserving the natural beauty of this incredible state is of utmost importance. That’s why we can help recycle older model, higher mileage cars, potentially removing hazardous fumes from polluting such a beautiful place. Old or new, running or not, we can help make sure that your donation is responsibly handled. Let us help you start your vehicle donation today online or by calling 877-957-2277.

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