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Top 18 Greatest Unbreakable World Records In Soccer (football)

Top 18 Greatest Unbreakable World Records In Soccer (football)

Every week, footballers do incredible things, and we then say exaggerated things like, “I’ve never seen anything like that before!” Let’s face it: it’s fun to talk about soccer and even more fun to exaggerate about soccer. But then there are the records, the things that really have never happened before, and those are just as fun. Here are the 18 world records in soccer you need to know about. Top 18 Greatest Unbreakable World Records In Soccer (football)

The 18 Greatest World Records In Soccer

1. Longest Goal Ever Scored

Surprisingly, many of these world records in soccer happened recently. We start with Asmir Begovich, riding the wind of fate into the net in 2013. Poor Artur Boruc and his weird neck tattoo never had a chance. The ball traveled 97.5 yards. It was the third kick of the game. It gave Stoke City the lead over Southampton.

That one narrowly beat out Tim Howard’s one-bouncer for Everton just a few weeks prior. Adam Bogdan’s had a rough career, hasn’t he? He’s like world soccer’s Brandon Knight.

2. Longest Headed Goal Ever Scored

Say it with me, science friends: Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Every action has an equal and opposite…

That’s what happens here, on a fluky play. With the keeper up to try for a late equalizer, Odds BK’s Jone Samuelsen redirected a blasted header in the opposite direction and bounced it into the net to secure the win in 2011. The header is measured at just over 58 meters (190 feet, 8.58 inches), and narrowly edged out this bit of dreadful goalkeeping for the title of “World’s Longest Goal Scored With Someone’s Dome.”

3. Most Red Cards Given In One Match

Oh, we like this one. In Argentina in 2011, referee Damian Rubino gave out THIRTY-SIX (36) red cards in a single match between Claypole and Victoriano Arenas. After a brawl erupted – where one fan even rushed the field, landed one sucker punch, and then ran for his goddamn life – Rubino sent off all 22 players and every substitute and some technical staff. The straight red card is one of the real wonders of sports, and this dude got to hand out thirty-six of them in a row? Stick him in the refereeing Hall of Fame. That’s where he belongs.

4. Most Expensive Player Transfer

Gareth Bale’s €118 million transfer fee from Tottenham to Real Madrid tops this list, which we predict will grow and grow and grow as television money goes even more bonkers and revenues continue to climb for the big clubs. For example, Manchester United just made £500 million in profit in a year for the first time in club history, and they aren’t even remotely, like, good at playing soccer.

Bale makes roughly €20 million per season in wages, which is about a million euros per goal scored. Keep getting them checks if they’ll give them to you, Garry.

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