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World’s 10 Most Popular, hit, Best TV Shows

World’s 10 Most Popular TV Shows


Television has caught up with the film industry recently. Many books have been made into television series and rightly so because many times the intricacies of the details mentioned in the book are not fully brought out through a film, and this is where television series work well.World’s 10 Most Popular, hit, Best TV Shows  However not all television series have made it to making and breaking records, there are a few that stand out and have made it to our top 10 most popular TV shows list:

Top 10 Most Popular TV Shows

1. Walking Dead

most popular tv shows

This is one of the most popular TV shows, which has everything — drama, crime, zombies and a group of four strong survivors who are stuck in a world that is filled with zombies and the four survivors are also faced with another group of survivors who prove to be often even more fearful than the ‘walkers’ themselves. The series until date has telecasted a total of seven seasons and 86 episodes and is still going on. The first episode was broadcasted on 31 October 2010.

2. Game of Thrones

10 most popular tv shows

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